Mathew Fleeger is an entrepreneur who has put in a lot of effort to his company, Gulf coast western to its current position. Fleeger has been in the oil fields for many years and gained the needed experience. His father and Fleeger founded the company and decided to continue in his father’s oil business. He is currently the chief executive officer of the company and is taking it to great heights.

Under his leadership, the company has made great strides in the oil sector and is a key player in the United States. The company has been successful due to the experience it has had on the field, and Fleeger also made a strategic partnership that helped the company. Gulf coast western has also embraced state of the art technology in drilling. Gulf coast western uses joint ventures to grow its operations. Through the joint venture partnership, Gulf coast western can enjoy tax advantages and limited liability.

Investors are guaranteed of getting high returns on their investment. Investors have the option to write off equipment depreciation, completion costs, prospect costs and drilling costs for the current year. The recession is a tough time for most companies and Gulf coast western was also faced with that problem. It was a tough time for the firm, but Mathew Fleeger looked for a way to cut on costs without losing its employees. The company had to be creative to make it through the recession. Fleeger admits to having had a positive attitude during such hard times. Fleeger also had to motivate his employees during the recession. He had to come up with ways to ensure that his employees do not switch companies. It was necessary to tell his employees about the vision he had for the future. Communication was outstanding during the recession period to keep the employees motivated.

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