Although she is widely known as one of the most successful models of all time, it’s not common knowledge that Naomi Campbell is a caring and groundbreaking activist who has helped to reduce poverty and help those in need through a number of different initiatives.

Let’s take a look at just two of these many initiatives, and in the process, we’ll shed some light on the inner beauty of Naomi Campbell.

We Love Brazil

Established in 2005, We Love Brazil is a poverty-fighting charitable organization that raises awareness of the standard of living endured by many Brazilians and attempts to aid these individuals (specifically women) by selling fabrics made in the country.

We Love Brazil has been very successful thus far, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. More than simply providing money to those in need and marvelous fabrics to customers, the initiative has provided hope to those who could use it most. Because of We Love Brazil, mothers are able to feed their children without issue. These same children can then attend school and better themselves, so that they may rise above the economic odds that are so heavily stacked against them.

Fashion for Relief

Fashion for Relief is another incredible charitable organization founded by Naomi. Fashion for Relief allows Campbell to utilize her long-accumulated modeling skills for the public good by arranging and conducting charity fashion shows, with each event benefiting a specific cause. To date, Fashion for Relief has aided victims of Hurricane Katrina, Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, Japan’s 2011 earthquake, and many others.

Given that Fashion for Relief has already raised over three and one half million pounds, it isn’t an exaggeration to call it a massive success.

As was stated initially, Naomi Campbell is a truly groundbreaking philanthropist and activist. While her outer appearance can be appreciated with a quick glance, it takes a bit longer to learn of and honor all she’s given back to individuals around the globe.

Still, most agree that the committed time is more than worth it.

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