Neurocore centers work diligently to ensure that patients afflicted with depression and ADHD. Depression is a common illness that affects 6.7% of Americans. Only one third of those afflicted actually seek treatment, which means close to two thirds suffer that don’t have to suffer. Stigma keeps those two thirds from receiving treatment. Education is the best way to combat stigma.

There are common misconceptions about depression. One major misconception is that the environment may not be a factor in the actual development of the disorder. Stress can play a factor in the disease, but depression can develop without any influences. Also, depression is not just depression, but it is several types of disorders under one umbrella. Postpartum and persistent depression are just two among the variety of diseases. See more information about Neurocore at

The picture of depression is not always so obvious. Signs and symptoms are not always clear. While depression can be debilitating, it can be slight and hard to see. Depression is not always clear cut, so it can be hard for outsiders to see. Stigma comes from not understanding. People not afflicted with the disease do not understand how slight the symptoms may not be overt, and the symptoms are not always emotional. Depression can manifest in physical symptoms as well. Headaches, stomach aches, and even muscle tension can all affect the depressed person.



Untreated depression can have serious consequences. It is the leading cause behind suicide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among the ages 15-44. If the end is not suicide, then it can cause a person to end up on disability. It is the leading cause of people on disability among the same age group. Research for this devastating disease is grossly underfunded, where it receives only 1/100 of the type of funding that breast cancer research receives. Even severe depression can be treated, so research is needed.

Neurocore can help to diagnosis and reprogram the brain. Through significant and thorough testing, they diagnosis the root brain cause of the problem. Once diagnosed, they reprogram through manipulating the brain’s neuroplasticity. Neurocore works to end the disease. Follow Neurocore on

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