One ongoing occurrence in the news is that of the rights of people who identify as transgender to use the restroom for the gender that they identify as. In North Carolina, a bill called HB2 (House Bill 2), forces them to use the restroom dedicated to the gender that they were assigned at birth. However, the press has been saying that it’s about more than just the restroom issue. Some are saying that it also means that employees can’t sue employers based on sex discrimination. The North Carolina Equal Employment Practice (or EPA) law was passed in 1977 and tort of wrongful discharge followed in the early 1980’s. However, HB2 eliminates all of the above rights almost completely.

Section 422.2 of the North Carolina EPA states that discrimination against anything listed in Title VII is illegal. Yet on the contrary, it doesn’t allow anyone facing that sort of discrimination to take action. In other words, the North Carolina law says that it’s illegal for employers to commit such discrimination and yet if they do, those affected by it no longer have the right take any legal action against it. This is arguably one of the most confusing bills ever passed due to its double standard. It is also arguably designed to cheat those who are minorities and/or identify as LGBT.

Many employees facing such discrimination often do not know their rights. That’s where attorneys such as Ross Abelow in New York come in. Employment discrimination is one of Abelow’s specialties. His others are personal injury and marriage and family law. Abelow works with both individuals and businesses. He also specializes in living wills. Abelow completed his degree in Brooklyn Law School. He has been practicing in the New York area for several years.

One thing that makes Ross Abelow stand out from other practicing attorneys is that he is bound by prohibitions against conflicts of interests. In employment cases, this means that Abelow can’t participate in any cases relating to any company that he was formerly employed with. This is due to any potential bias for the company that could work against the client.

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