OSI Food Solutions in Spain has expanded its pant to boost the production of chicken. Following an increase in the demand for chicken products, OSI Group has been forced to expand the pant so that it can meet the huge demand coming from Spain and Portugal. According to food consumption data in the two countries, the demand for chicken products has gone up by 8 percent. The production capacity of the plant is expected to hit 24,000 tons from 12,000.

With the recent expansion of this plant, OSI Group is expected to increase its total production of beef, chicken and pork product to 45,000 tons annually. The expansion has not only created benefits for the company but has increased job opportunities for the local community. With the new expansion, the number of workers is expected to increase from the current 140 to 160. Among the positions which were created after the expansion is that of the product development manager. The company overemphasis on the need of skilled and hardworking employees and therefore the position will be filled by people who genuinely qualify for the job.

OSI Group decided to expand the firm so that they can adapt to the changing needs of the market. The most important thing for business is to read the developments in the market and act accordingly. Part of the developments which have occurred in the company includes construction of refrigeration rooms, packaging, and storage rooms as well as the receiving areas. In total, the company has added 22, 600 square feet of space.

According to the COO of OSI Group, the ongoing expansion of the company is part of the managements’ attempts to expand the food service industry as well as growing portfolio of products. The management is pleased with the recent expansion which has seen the company employ more people and increase its products to the people.

One of the goals of OSI Group led by the CEO Sheldon Lavin is to offer services which are in line with the needs of the people. The company is emphasizing on the sustainability in its production. The plant that has been built in Toledo, Spain has reduced power consumption in the plant by about 20 percent. The plant is built in such a way that it is energy efficient. Due to the commitment the firm has shown in applying sustainable means of production, it has been supported by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund in its expansion plans.

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