Freedom Checks Equal Great Wealth Potential

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One of the most misunderstood investment opportunities of this day in time is what is known as freedom checks. Although this investment is indeed unique, those who invest in them are making loads of cash. One of the misconceptions of freedom checks is that they are not issued by the United States government. The reality is, these checks are considerably more than any payout from the government program. In fact, one of its notable investors, Matt Badali, believes the payout from these checks this year will be in the ball park of thirty four billion dollar mark.

There may be those who may not believe in the legitimacy of freedom checks, however, to fully understand how beneficial these checks are, one must do the ground work. First, theses checks are not cash handouts. It is important to note that the investor must commit properly made, consistent investments. Investors are well aware that when there is an opportunity to make money through legitimate investment it will take time and effort. That means an investor should not expect to make money until they understand how it will come about.

Something known as MLPs (master limited partnership), which was passed by congress in 1981, are partnerships between businesses. Within a few years, master limited partnerships received tax benefits and now they are tax free. MLP are tied to the production of oil and gas in the United States and the freedom checks from MLPs can yield great wealth to those who know how to zero in on the right opportunity. Investor Matt Badiali, has found that freedom checks have great potential due to his business dealings with oil industry magnates and leaders in finance world. Because of his research in finding a way to make on going profits from natural resources resulted in him discovering MLPs.

MLPs are required to have at least one billion worth assets and must pay them out regularly. These companies must additionally be able to demonstrate that the shareholders they have are making money. Badiali lets his investors know the financial statements of these companies so an investor can make an informed decision for themselves.

Reviews Demonstrating the Power of NewsWatch TV

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NewsWatch is a television program which is broadcast weekly on the AMC and ION networks. Over 1,200 episodes have aired since 1989. The main topics discussed on the show are an eclectic montage of health-related issues, fashion, tourism, business, sponsored consumer electronic reviews, new product releases, celebrity interviews, and public awareness announcements.

NewsWatch has shown to be a potent tool for marketers. The program grants NewsWatch’s partners access to all the top media markets in the US. Furthermore, through NewsWatch’s online TV station, marketers can target their audience thanks to the power of social media. Social media makes NewsWatch’s high-quality video content available to relevant audiences at all times of the day.

Examples of the results achievable for companies partnering with NewsWatch:


  • Avanca, the electronics company which wanted to use crowdfunding to finance a new pocket PC product. NewsWatch produced a one minute video for the company. The result was a campaign which raised $456,000 vs. their target of $10,000. The video had 1 million impressions on social media.


  • Then there is the case of Contour, the manufacturer of ergonomic workstations. NewsWatch produced a video for them, and their “Ultimate Work Station” saw an immediate spike in sales. Their video had more than half a million impressions.


  • Saygus, a US-based smartphone maker desired to conduct a crowdfunding campaign. They had NewsWatch produce a video for them, and the result was a success. Saygus hoped to raise $1 million. Instead, They managed to take in $1.3 million.


  • Steelseries, makers of headphones and electronics, needed a marketing video. NewsWatch produced review videos for two separate projects, which helped them reach 95 million households in the US. The company’s marketing director attributed their increased distribution to their new means to target potential customers.

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Neurocore is a private research group that over the years have recruited some of the best minds in the country. The reason for this is that the group for years has been researching the brain and how it works. The research team eventually fell into brain training which was a theory that you can train the brain to beat things like lack of focus, depression, and anxiety. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase. The results, in theory, would have been a happier and better life for the patient. After years of research and theory on the matter, the company finally realized that they needed to put the theory to a test in order to really determine the validity of the theory. With many trials the results were great and the theory was no longer a theory but fact that the brain can be trained over a series of exercises, therapies, and monitoring the patient. Those who successfully trained their brain also were the ones who worked hard at the brain training doing everything that the team of neurological doctors had asked of them in the process. Read more about Neurocore at

So with the trails being a success, the team knew that they needed to offer the treatment to the public currently Neurocore is the only medical facility that offers this type of treatment. Because the treatment is so new it is not yet covered by insurance and that means that the patients that go to the clinics must pay out of pocket. But that hasn’t seemed to be a problem as what the company has found is that those that really want to solve their problem and have tried everything else really don’t care about the cost they just care of the results and that their problem can have an end. Neurocore currently has clinics in two states in the country but the research they have shared is global and is changing the way that other researchers and doctors see the brain and see what can be done with the brain when it comes to teaching, learning, and beating psychological disorders that harm so many people all over the world every year.


Enjoy Popular Food Options from the OSI Food Professionals

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Need Quality Processed Foods? Get OSI

The OSI Group promises their customers a great meal that is processed through the highest food service standards. Your family deserves a meal, they can enjoy without harsh additives or jeopardizing their productivity with a poor diet. OSI Food Solutions Group has been able to be nominees of the British Food Council Award and accepted the award in 2016. You’re able to have a great processed food meal with an all-natural OSI select brand. You can learn what’s in your food by visiting their website for full disclosure. Get an OSI Food Solutions Group diet that you can trust to feed your customers today.

The OSI Food Solutions Group Network

There are thousands of customers that are a part of the European Food Group. They give their customers the option of rich, organic foods processed from the largest food facility plant in the EU. OSI has been able to acquire their food service plant to process their condiments and other meat products. Trust their team of professionals to help you get the meal you need to start each day off right. Get a completely balanced meal that is guaranteed to give your family a perfect blend of quality and affordability.

OSI Industries Business News

Did you know you can find a great job opportunity with the popular Flagship Europe food group? Their team of professionals have been able to allow other entry-level and experienced food service workers be a part of the team. You can become a part of an equal opportunity employer by visiting their website. They were recently able to help hundreds of local area Chicago, Tyson Food Plant workers retain their job. They have been able to double their annual chicken production under the deal. Visit the popular OSI Food Solutions Group, for more details by browsing online.

Academy of Art University Displays Ability To Global Audience


Avenger: Infinity War has done well with critics and boasts of an 8.9 out of 10 rating on IMBD and an audience rating of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. Disney reports that the animated hit that thrilled global audiences with its action-packed sequences grossed just over $640 million over its opening weekend. These numbers mean that Avenger: Infinity War experienced the most lucrative opening weekend for any worldwide movie release in history.

Jan Philip Cramer is the head of animation for Digital Domain and a proud graduate of Academy of Art University. Cramer was the animation supervisor for Avenger: Infinity War and explained while recently speaking at the Academy that it was an honor to be trusted with such a monumental project.

Cramer graduated from the Academy of Art University in 2004 with a degree in Animation and Visual Effects and has since accumulated an impressive list of cinematic credits that include Independence Day, Avatar, Deadpool, X-Men, and more.

Cramer says that her present career in VFX is both the perfect fit for her and the fulfillment of a dream she has nurtured since her childhood. His hard work and dedication to his craft have garnered him much recognition and Cramer was honored by the Academy with an Alumni Award for Best Emerging Artist and in 2017, he received a membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Cramer has always believed a great deal of the success he has enjoyed in the industry is a direct result of the great mentorships afforded to him while attending the Academy of Art University. He says that his study there provided him with a well-rounded understanding of art as a whole and not only visual effects.

About the Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University owns the distinction of being the largest privately operated arts and design university that is accredited in the United States. The Academy was founded in 1929 and offers degree programs in more than 30 areas of study. The Academy is located in San Francisco and possesses a unique blend of cultural diversity, architecture, and technology that provides inspiration for students.


Learn How JHSF Made It To The Top Of The Real Estate Industry

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Real estate has always been considered an area with many lucrative business opportunities. In the real estate business ought to provide cutting-edge solutions to their clients. One organization that has mastered that art of giving cutting-edge solutions is JHSF. The organization was started in 1972 by Jose Auriemo Neto. Jose is among the accomplished entrepreneurs in San Paolo’s real estate world. The company seeks to reinvent itself regularly in a bid to expand its business activities in future. Any great business or company projects its operations, activities, and strategies depending on what is ahead. Its success can be attributed to its open-door policy for development, and the level of support they dedicate to their projects.

The company continually seeks new business opportunities, and in 2009, it ventured into retail by signing exclusive contracts with Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. JHSF boasts of having immense support from the business and private sector. This is as a result of their contribution to the country where they have improved and managed shopping centers, high-end hotels, and transnational business airports. This has allowed the organization to be a strong pillar in the Brazilian real-estate sector. The company strives to spearhead quality advancement that improves its delivery services. This goal has been incorporated in its statement of purpose, DNA, and structure.

The company has made its mark in Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus among other cities. JHSF has specialized in four areas like incorporation, restaurants and airport, Fasano hotel, and shopping center. As the real estate world grows, the organization continues to develop projects in various areas. Recently, the company has undertaken the implantation project that seeks to improve and organize Catarina Urban Development, malls, and lavish inns. This has led to an increase in their revenue. The organization has been performing so well until it was listed in the stock exchange market since 2007.

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Investment Strategies of Richard Dwayne Blair


Many people have financial goals they want to achieve. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, a registered investment advisory firm, helps people in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas with effective planning for wealth management and retirement. He strives to arm his community with the necessary tools they need to cross any milestone they have off their list. To reach this level, Richard Blair follows a three-step approach that he calls the Three Pillars. This allows him to focus on the financial situation of a client and their retirement needs.

Pillar One

The first pillar was created to help come up with a path a client can take after going over their financial goals. This will be determined by what a client is good at, how much they are willing to risk, and whay kind of growth opportunities there are. This phase helps Blair get to know his clients and build a relationship with them that will last for years. At the end of the first pillar, clients should know exactly what to expect out of their investments.

Pillar 2

The second pillar allows Blair to tailor a strategy custom to each client based on their individual goals. With this pillar, Blair can also craft a successful and established investment strategy for his clients. In this phase, he also remains active in managing portfolios and seeks to maximize liquidity and performance while minimizing any negative impacts that may effect a client’s portfolio.

Pillar Three

The third pillar goes into effect after Blair creates a solid investment strategy and establishes growth and liquidity. After going over the strategy and plans with a client, he will then begin the final phase – implementation and monitoring. The investment data and a client’s expectations are constantly compared and any changes needed will be done so to fit the goals of a client.



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Peter Briger came to Fortress in 2002 with a fifteen years’ experience while working with Goldman, Sachs as a partner. In Fortress, he is mandated to manage the credit division of the group, which deals with real estate business and issuing credit facilities. Again, he is of Forbes 400, a list of world business specialists. In addition to that, Peter is a board member of Princeton University Investment Company, a key member as a financial supporter of the central bank conservancy. Peter is a working supporter of non-profit tipping point, an entity that assists small income families in San Francisco. Finally, Peter is a board member of Caliber schools, which is a network of commission schools. Peter Briger studied at the University of Pennsylvania, school of business and he holds a master’s degree in business administration. Fortress specializes investment Group concentrates in assets investments, capital markets, and corporate mergers among other vital areas. Ideally, Fortress investment Group respects capital markets and has better expertise in realizing finances through debts and equity market. The Group has a record in administering portfolio companies and has helped such companies with its vast experience and extensive knowledge. Fortress employees, therefore, have foundational sectorial distinguished expertise global in scope. Peter Briger joined the organization as a principal, the position he holds up today.

In 2013, a range of top executives from USA premier banks met in San Francisco. The meeting held deliberated on the creation of Bitcoins. Fortress team attended the meeting including the alumnus of Silicon Valley who supported bitcoins. Peter Briger expounded the reasons why the fortress was interested in the technology regarding the Bitcoins. He tipped that Wells Fargo should support Bitcoins with the probable challenges associated with its services for instance in the payment networks. Briger concluded by addressing on lack of cooperation on the exchange of Bitcoins, the task that Fortress and Wells Fargo could provide cooperatively. The cooperation amid these largest financial dealers developed hence provided a probable chance for Wall Street getting wholly adapted in the bitcoin technology. Briger interest in bitcoin continued, and he convened another meeting in January 2013, and he invited many financiers to deliberate on the Bitcoins. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

Malcolm CasSelle, the WAX President


Malcolm CasSelle is a businessperson and the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). Before founding the company, CasSelle served as a CTO of New Ventures Incorporation. Malcolm pursued a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a Master’s degree from Stanford in the field of Computer Science. The president of WAX speaks both Japanese and Mandarin. In the year 1995, Malcolm co-founded NetNoir, a media franchise dealing with Afrocentric culture. In fact, NetNoir was the first company to be welcomed into the AOL Greenhouse program. From the year 1998 to 2002, he was the senior vice president and personal advisor to the CEO of Pacific Century Cyberworks. PCCW is a publicly traded telecom service provider that has its headquarters in Hong Kong.

From the year 2006 to 2013, Malcolm was the director of a Hong Kong’s Capital Union Investments. At the company, he was in charge of managing private direct monies develop into late-stage web companies. On April 2012, Malcolm CasSelle was given the post of Chief Executive officer of the social framework for crucial gamers known as Xfire. As of January 2013, he was the CEO of A digital media platform known as MediaPass. An online platform is designed to produce subscription-based revenues.

As the CIO of OPSkins company, Malcolm CasSelle is spearheading the operations of the company. The company is purposed to be the leading bitcoin dealer in the globe. Together with followers who create numerous cross-border micro-payments, the company has made it become one of the prime structures on the planet. Some limitations are crawling into the centralized technology thus making decentralized tech the next form of transmission. The creators of OPSkins are making a debut of a new blockchain framework for virtual asset trading. Malcolm CasSelle founded WAX, the blockchain project that was established. The company has solved two of the worst issues in the virtual reality world. These include fragmentation, and fraud. In a market strung on different policies and structures, fragmentation is evident. Blockchain, however, came in to save the virtual asset world. Presence of tokens enables the buyers and sellers to trade virtual assets in a fraud-proof medium.

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Rodrigo Terpins and Why Leaders Like Him Have To Try New Things

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Leaders have always to be engaged with ventures not too related to their main line of work. Diversifying their skills, interests and passions get them to be inspired to get fantastic creative ideas. Trying new things gets them to think creatively for solutions to problems they have in their main line of work. This is precisely the kind of strategy that business leaders like Rodrigo Terpins try to integrate in their problem-solving skills. By going outside the box, they can find answers that fit so well in their corporate life. And in Terpins’ case, he is able to do this by mixing his career in the corporate world with his racing ventures.


The racing ventures of Terpins are rooted in his passion for the team he created for the Sertoes Rally races. The team is called the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, and with the help of his brother, Michel Terpins, he has been building a competitive racing group that often joins the Sertoes Rallies in Brazil. The races he joins usually win, and this builds a reputation for Terpins as a reliable team leader. For more details visit


Executive Profile

The executive profile of Terpins found on LinkedIn would also remind everyone that the main line of work for Terpins is in being the Director of Lojas Marisa. Marisa is a clothing brand in Brazil that sells a wonderful collection of trendy clothes for women in Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins is also the Director of T5 Participacoes, which is a company that he himself formed. While there is such a rich corporate background in the life of Terpins, he is still best known for joining circuit rallies.

The racing tracks that Terpins also joined would not be possible without the help of his brother, Michel Terpins. Together, their racing team has retained a reputation of relevance, innovation and success in Brazil’s racing circles.

Some of the Sertoes Rally races that Terpins joined and succeeded would include the 22nd Edition of the Sertoes. It covered 2,600 kilometers spread across two Brazilian states. Terpins was able to let his racing team win third in the T1 Prototypes Racing Category, and 8th place in overall ranking.