Emily Temple-Wood is merely a 21 year old biology student at Loyola University in Chicago. Since she was 12y ears old, she has been a Wiki writer and has developed enough talent to join Wikipedia editors for hire. However, even at a tender age, she kept receiving abusive and sexist messages that were not sexually appropriate from the Wikipedia community. At the beginning of her work, Emily did not give much thought to what her abusers had to say but would instead ignore them and go on with her life. Eventually, she decided to channel her rage for the better and writing about a female scientist every time she received an insult.
This gifted student decided that she had tolerated and ignored enough abuse from trolls who just would not give her peace while she was online. In this case, she would transform every spiteful message she received into a positive message and will make a Wikipedia page. This article would be like any other article except that it would be for a woman. Every sexist insult hurled at her would be transformed into praise of a particular woman in society. She was eager to ensure that there was gender balance in the Wikipedia Society.

This idea dawned on her when she discovered that women were not fully appreciated by the world. She made this discovery when she realized that there were women, who were part of The Royal Society, who did not have their Wikipedia pages. That night this ambitious young woman sat in the corridor of her dormitory and wrote an article about them until the wee-hours of the night. However, Emily is clear that comment that disagree with her do not bother her, but any comment that may make her mum uncomfortable or make her want to cry was worth the revolution.

Wikipedia is a 15-year-old online encyclopedia that offers information on just about everything, everyone, and everywhere. This site is open-sourced to let anyone post about himself or herself. It has provided an incredible platform for businesses and individuals. You have control of the details that are open to the rest of the world since you can easily edit and update the information available. Being mentioned on Wikipedia increases your sales while at the same time adding value to your business.

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