Looking for high-quality activewear can be a difficult task. Fortunately, Fabletics has in the past tried to make the process simple and as easy as possible. You can find quality fitness clothing at the best price. Fabletics was created after its founders saw a gap in activewear fashion. There may be lots of luxury brands out there, but none has offered something high quality and stylish gear at affordable prices. The brand has fared well amongst its competitors by selling workout gear with subscription at discounted offers.

Fabletics has focused on a different business model. Fabletics has had its parent company JustFab that focuses on catalog-based and internet-based business to offer shoppers discounts to VIP members. Once someone opts in for VIP membership, they have their credit cards charged automatically by a certain amount each month. This money goes into Fabletics purchases and to having one’s activewear made personally for them. One can also opt out of this in a month, by skipping payment before the 5th of a new month.

You can relive athletics fashion through any of the activewear dressing you want. Fabletics gives you an array of dressing options such as sports bras, sports leggings, sports pants, tees, tanks or anything of the sort. The quality and low price you receive with shopping with this branding are incomparable to any other shopping platform on Facebook. Customers that have purchased items here have highly praised it for its personalized shopping experience. The outstanding customer service and VIP Membership is something every online shopper should experience.

The brand has had both online and brick and mortar retail stores. The actual retail stores have offered customers the latest Fabletics collections with a unique print and style for their dress, swim, performance and so much more. The stores provide an exclusive shopping for clients; free shipping, free points of sale and in-store fitting point are some features enjoyed. What is so interesting about shopping with this brand is that you can make purchases online and later pick-up at the store. You can never wrong with any of your clothing as you can be sure about your choice after the online shopping process.

About Fabletics

Fabletics has had its JustFab as its parent company and was ranked No 98 in the Top 500 Internet Retailer Guide. The company announced to have five retail locations opened and has had a huge success with this. Fabletics launched with iconic actress and fashion tastemaker Kate Hudson as its image bearer. She has a passion for supporting and motivating women that led her to open this retail store that focuses on activewear for ladies.

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