NewsWatch is a television program which is broadcast weekly on the AMC and ION networks. Over 1,200 episodes have aired since 1989. The main topics discussed on the show are an eclectic montage of health-related issues, fashion, tourism, business, sponsored consumer electronic reviews, new product releases, celebrity interviews, and public awareness announcements.

NewsWatch has shown to be a potent tool for marketers. The program grants NewsWatch’s partners access to all the top media markets in the US. Furthermore, through NewsWatch’s online TV station, marketers can target their audience thanks to the power of social media. Social media makes NewsWatch’s high-quality video content available to relevant audiences at all times of the day.

Examples of the results achievable for companies partnering with NewsWatch:


  • Avanca, the electronics company which wanted to use crowdfunding to finance a new pocket PC product. NewsWatch produced a one minute video for the company. The result was a campaign which raised $456,000 vs. their target of $10,000. The video had 1 million impressions on social media.


  • Then there is the case of Contour, the manufacturer of ergonomic workstations. NewsWatch produced a video for them, and their “Ultimate Work Station” saw an immediate spike in sales. Their video had more than half a million impressions.


  • Saygus, a US-based smartphone maker desired to conduct a crowdfunding campaign. They had NewsWatch produce a video for them, and the result was a success. Saygus hoped to raise $1 million. Instead, They managed to take in $1.3 million.


  • Steelseries, makers of headphones and electronics, needed a marketing video. NewsWatch produced review videos for two separate projects, which helped them reach 95 million households in the US. The company’s marketing director attributed their increased distribution to their new means to target potential customers.

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