Innovacare Health is among the best Healthcare and Medical service provider in North America. It offers quality and excellent healthcare services that are affordable to people. They use advanced technology which treats and accommodates patients at ease. The hospital has two programs that are used in the provision of health care services to the citizens. These programs are Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs. The organization aims to provide high-quality healthcare services to all its clients. Innovacare is able to do that because of its high profile professionals who are efficient and qualified in their work. Through the organization’s unquestionable leadership, innovacare is among the healthcare services provider. Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer of innovacare Health while Penelope Kokkinides it the C.O.O.



There is an article that was published in the Temple of the cave. This article talks about the unquestionable leadership of Shinto and Kokkinides at Innovacare Health. The article is praising Rick Shinto for his unquestionable leadership skills as the Chief Executive Officer. He has been in the leadership of the medical and healthcare sector for more than 20 years, and therefore he is an expert. Shinto worked for the Medical Pathways Management organization as both the C.M.O and C.O.O. He also worked as a corporate Vice President of Medical Management of MedPartners. Later he worked for Cal Optima Health Plans as the Chief Executive Officer. His profile also indicates that he worked for NAMM organization in Califonia. Shinto is a qualified professional who has studied and he has gained the right skills. He graduated with a Degree in Science from the University of California. He, later on, went to New York University where he graduated with a degree in medicine. Additionally, Shinto is a graduate from the University of Redlands where he studied M.B.A. For more details visit Bloomberg.



The article also talks about the Innovacare ’s current C.A.O, Kokkinides. Kokkinides previously worked for clinical operations of Innovacare Health as the Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer. This creative lady has more than 20 years of working experience as well. Kikkinides worked in the Medicaid and Medicare programs. She previously worked for Centerlight Health Care as the C.O.O and the Executive Vice President. She had also worked for TouchStone Health as the Chief Operating Officer. Being a graduate with two degrees, masters degree and postmasters degree has equipped her with enough skills and knowledge in the health sector. You can visit Businesswire to know more.



In conclusion, Shinto and Kokkinides are qualified leaders with skills and experience to run and grow the Innovacare Health.


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