Good Quality Education Blasts Off with Rocketship

In a world where getting a good job is becoming increasingly difficult one thing is more certain than ever. And that is, without a proper education it is virtually impossible to get a good job. Therefore, getting an education, especially a quality education is becoming more and more important. With jobs disappearing along with the middle class, it is becoming difficult for low-income parents to give their children a good quality education. Therefore, it is welcome news whenever you hear about any progress in the world of education for low-income families.

And one such example is Rocketship Education which is a network of non-profit charter schools in San Jose California. Launched in 2007 this institution strives to improve the atmosphere for students and teachers to help low-income students pave a path towards a college education. Because of the efforts of teachers, parents, students and community leaders, Rocketship now has 25 different locations. One of the stumbling blocks students from low-income family faces is quality English education. In fact, a study was done by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes of Stanford University and what they found out is that students who attend charter schools are getting the equivalent of one extra month of English and math classes.

This may not sound like a lot, but the proof is in the pudding because a number of low-income students who attend college afterward are happening at a higher rate after they have attended a charter school such as Rocketship. That is why school districts such as Alum Rock Union Elementary and Franklin-McKinley are collaborating with the charter system.

However, even the best education system requires help from the outside or non-governmental help. Reed Hastings of Netflix has started a fund worth $100 million to help support local education. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and Priscilla Chan have given large amounts of money for educational causes. What do both companies have in common? They are both based in San Jose. Hopefully, school systems in other parts of the state and country will take notice and try and emulate what the city of San Jose and Rocketship charter schools are doing.


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