Scotland records its achievements in the judicial system of the country by appointing Dorrian in the second highest position of the judicial system of the country. This marks a great step towards promotion of equality in all sectors and divisions in the country. Dorrians expertise in criminal justice has awarded her position marking a great role model for all envies of supreme justice. The position awarded is the second senior most judicial position for Scotland.

In comparison to other countries Scotland has recorded an unequal government especially in the judicial system. The selection of Dorrian possibly marks an end of the error when women in Scotland faced tough times in the field of legal justice. A case in the 1990s is recorded in the country when Dorrian was criticized for being improperly dressed because she wore a ribbon around her neck. Few are the women in the whole judicial system of Scotland, but it seems that the government can no longer evade the inequality factor after appointing Dorrian. Gender revolution is true, and it is a great factor that will bring lots of change in the legal domain.

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    Her broad experience as an advocate has helped he in scooping the position in a field that men are the majority. This marks a great symbolism in the Scotland government. It is also the reviews by Jocelyn Brady which is the fantastic thing that can happen to them all.

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