Communication is one of the most important social aspects in our life as your human beings. Regardless of the fact that one is serving their terms behind bars, you are entitled to limited and supervised communication with friends and family. For quite a long time the inmate industry was lagging behind in terms of communications; however, with the entry of industry giant such as Securus Technologies, things are bound to change not only regarding technology advancements but also in terms of safety.


Securus Technology is an inmate technology company founded in 1986 to provide inmate communication, government information solutions, and parole services. This tech company currently serves over 2500 inmate correctional facilities in 45 states. With a huge reliance on modern technology, Securus Technologies is known for providing innovative technical services, responsive customer care and comprehensive solutions to the needs of its clients. Since its formation, Securus Technologies has its headquarter offices in Dallas, Texas, with four other regional offices around Dallas metro area, Georgia, and Atlanta.


As a leader in criminal and civil justice technology systems, Securus Technologies has to ensure that the incarceration facilities and the outside environs are safe and well protected. The tech company led by Rick Smith through its facilities is taking steps in the right directions if the recent comments by the company clients are anything to go by. According to one comment from an inmate correctional facility, since they started using the services of Securus Technologies, they have been drawn by the company’s vision. Their assessment and deployment of emergency services is quite remarkable and has helped them keep their jails safe. Other users praised Securus Technologies for their monitoring tools and how it has helped solve a number of criminal cases in the outside world.


Inmate security is a critical aspect of the overall safety. Securus Technologies is stopping at nothing until both the inmate and outside environments are safe.


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  • Morgan Bent

    There are a lot of good things about this technology and I think that the brains behind this technology should be very proud of what they have achieved. So far essay on time review they are the best company that provides better communication for correctional facilities. For now people are raving about how good their technology is and I think they should keep on doing what they are doing.

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