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Finances have for a long time remained a headache to many people. To others, even after earning a huge salary they still end up poor. Retirement for those who are highly or lowly paid is also a dilemma. This makes it hard for people to realize their dreams. However, Richard Blair has stepped in to offer financial solutions. Through Wealth Solutions, Inc. he has helped thousands of people in his 23 years of experience. Today, the corporation is worth $55 million showing the great strides it has made in the financial market.
Adapting to the Change
The world of finances keeps changing every day. This means people have to keep adapting to the change. Through Wealth Solutions, Inc. there is an opportunity to find a package of advice on how to adapt to the changes. It also involves taking up new challenges while reducing risk. A person thus has an opportunity to maintain a steady income despite the challenges in their finances.
Planning for Retirement
Upon retirement, there are different goals people would like to pursue. However, some fail due to financial crisis.  People can thus access to the right plans to know how wealth management should be done wisely.
Financial Planning Education
Richard Blair realized how education can create a great impact in the lives of people through his wife, mother and grandmother who were teachers. He thus decided to start teaching on how to plan and invest. This led to the idea of Wealth Solutions, Inc. which he founded in 1994.
Richard Blair Specialty
In 1993, after graduation, Richard dived into the financial industry. His mission was to offer people comprehensive retirement plans without any bias. He realized the many pitfalls people were bound to fall into and decided to help people strategize on their financial planning. Therefore, he purposed to help individuals, small businesses plus families to become aware of their financial plans and execute them correctly.
Richard is an Investment Advisor Representative who has specialized in financial planning. As a Certified Financial Planner, Richard has specialized in different fields including insurance, asset protection, asset tax, employee benefits, state and federal tax and securities. This means any person can be helped to secure their finances even upon retirement. He is also a trainer who educates people through Financial Education Series.

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