Steve Ritchie is the current president and chief executive officer for Papa John’s International Inc., which is among the top Pizza Company in the world. Richie was promoted to the company’s top position early this after working for Papa John’s for more than two decades. During the years that Steve Richie has worked for Papa John’s International, he has been able to play different roles including the chief operating officer, president and chief operating officer, and franchisee among many other positions. During his speech while releasing the news of Steve Richie’s promotion, John Schnatter the founder of the company, pointed out that he was very proud of Richie Steve for his hard work and devotion he has shown for the company since he first joined Papa John’s international (@PapaJohns) as hourly customer service representative in the year 1996.

Steve Richie’s Contributions as the Company’s CEO

During the short period that Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has served the company as their chief executive officer, he has contributed a lot that has led to the company increasing its sales and attracting more loyal customers. His recent move on Papa John’s International intent to diversify training for its staff is meant to earn the company more positive results as well as strengthening its reputation. According to Steve Richie’s post on the company’s website that was meant to notify all the stakeholders, employees and customers about the move, also stated other steps that the company has been taking in order to improve its services include conducting a cultural audit and investigations that will be meant to find out Papa John’s diversity and inclusion in all its operations.

Steve Richie took this step following the recent training tour of the company leaders who stated that they had an opportunity of learning from team members and franchisees on ways in which they can perform better. However, Richie was not impressed by the way the team that attended the training was not inclusive and had not respected national diversification rules. That is why Richie is determined to fix this by offering training to all employees of the company who are about 120, 000. Visit to know about Steve’s salary.

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