It seems that every inspiring story of success has some kind of setback or tragedy involved. Whitney Wolfe Herd’s story involves creativity determination. She did not let any type of setback deter her from pursuing the success that she has wanted. Instead of the common reaction of giving up which people would do and demand that everyone else do when they are faced with a setback, Whitney Wolfe Herd has dug in and hard and went towards a personal goal that she had. As she moved forward, she would find that some of the goals she had would change as she meets with certain people.

As she has met with people, she was thinking about dating and all of the unspoken rules of dating. She has talked about how she thought that it did not make sense that a woman would have to wait until a guy approaches her. One of the issues with this is that times have changed to the point that men are increasing less likely to approach a woman. Another thing is that while women do get approach and are more likely to wind up in a relationship without actively searching, they are not necessarily going to get the type of men that they wanted at first.

Whitney figured that because women want equality and to be empowered, it is time for them to be given something that is going to empower them even further. This has come in the form of a dating app called Bumble. With Bumble, women are enabled to pursue the men they truly want. For one thing, their inbox is not filled. This makes it easier to talk to people that they are interested in amidst all of the spam.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has mastered the art of innovation with her Bumble app. One thing that she has done was look at the current market in order to see what is missing. Then she has found an audience for missing aspect of the market. She has developed missing solution and successfully marketed it. Therefore, people who are aware of the issue and those that are happy with the way things are will try out the app.

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