There are many clients that come to us for the first time, wondering what it is that we do. On their Facebook page, you’ll see that there are some who skeptical, given some of our unique brand and reputation that is already out there. Some are curious as to whether or not we can actually help White Shark Media out.

Below you will find a sample cover of what you can expect from White Shark Media. Now it is worth noting that not every client is the same. Each of you require your own set of rules and templates. Below, you will find a general guideline of what you can expect. Depending on the situation and client needs, we can make the necessary adjustments.


“We are a Search Media Company. We have office all over. We help clients from the U.S. and Central America to Denmark.

We predominately work with places like Ad Words and Bing Ad Words Management. We specialize with companies who are small to medium-sized. Our main focus is to help our clients earn money. Many of our clients work in the E-Commerce world. This is where our bread and butter comes from.

Our products range from placing ads to tracking conversions for a company. We do all the busy work that most of you don’t have time for. Some of our best work can be seen with Shopify. This is the platform that we send all our E-Commerce people too.

White Shark Media first client signed with us back in 2010. We are happy to say that he is still with us. He is one of our core clients, our best clients to have. If there is anything you might need help with us, please contact us. If you think our tools and resources can benefit you and your sales, please give us a call”.


Now that was just a mock-up, but you see the point. The best thing you do is contact us for an evaluation. We will take a look at your current Ad Words program.

We will then get back to you about a plan of action. The contact information for us is down below. If you would like to speak to us on the phone first about your concerns, it’s not a problem.

You can read more at,28.htm

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