One of the biggest trends nowadays is subscription boxes. For those of you who are currently unfamiliar with a subscription box, it’s simply a box filled with items of a certain category. For example, there are beauty boxes, shaving boxes, specialty boxes, toy boxes and so much more! This year, there has been an overall decrease of customers in a lot of these subscriptions but one thing that has continued to have great success is a company called JustFab. With a giant variety of clothing, this brand of clothing has much to offer to its customers. LA times talks about plans for the future, the companies that they own, and how they will continue to find great success in offering worldwide subscriptions. Reference:

JustFab is owned by the El Segundo Company which also owns the softer companies, Fabletics, Shoedazzle and Fabkids. These other companies offer shoes, children’s clothing and athleisure. JustFab keeps its popularity based on the growth of all of its brands, and continues to add new and exciting clothing to its lines each month. Subscribing to JustFab means you will be shipped brand new clothing or shoes each month, based on the styles you like or have selected through a questionnaire. At a fixed rate, you can receive a box every month, and you can skip a month at any time. JustFab is going to bring in six hundred and fifty million this year, which is a huge increase from last year. Other box subscriptions like Birchbox, are down a sad twelve percent. JustFab just keeps finding more and more success. JustFab also owns all of the brands that offer different things, which is one reason why they continue to grow their clientele.

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