Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, chances are you have heard of Freedom Checks. Most people save for retirements by putting aside money from each paycheck they earned, however in a lot of cases 401(k) accounts aren’t enough and many Americans look to make extra money. Unfortunately, the internet offers many strategies that are looking to take advantage of investors, and are making unsubstantiated claims of riches and fortunes. As a result, many are wary of potential strategies that appear on the internet. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.


Freedom Checks on the other hand, are operating on simple Master Limited Partnerships and Statute 26-F. The concept was introduced by Matt Badiali, who is a geologist, holding a master’s degree in earth science. His work and education led him to visit and inspect oil fields, coal mines and other sources of fuel. His presentation of Freedom Checks made some people lose interest upon realizing that they need to make an investment.

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Freedom Checks are not a get rich quick scheme. A person can invest as little as $10, and it is as simple as investing in the stock market, however, as Badiali himself states in his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist, one needs to understand how Master Limited Partnerships works. In addition, as with any investment, thorough research needs to be made, which means that the program needs a bit of work and dedication from the investor. Master Limited Partnerships are the source of returns that Freedom Checks offer. Companies that are recognized as MLPs act as publicly traded entities, as long as the company earns at least 90% of its revenue from working with natural resources.


Investing in Freedom Checks is not any more risky than any other investment opportunity; however, the potential reward is higher. In order to make an investment, one would have to look at the current trends and make a calculated risk, similar to how one would place an order in the stock market. Understanding how MLPs work and where the market is heading are important keys to minimizing your risks and take advantage of the best returns your investment could offer. Read this article at metropolismag.com.

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